6 months to train the beast: Ford Devolro Shelby

Ford F-150 is the most popular American truck. New pickup price equals to 55 thousands dollars and damn, it's worth of every cent spent.

But what should you do if you want your offroad truck to be even more cool? Usually, car owners contact the Shelby company - american tuning studio, that works with 2 Fords exclusively - legendary Mustang and the popular F-150.

But what if an appetite comes with eating? Than you need to contact Devolro!

We've been working with Shelby for years and we respect the studio approach, style and quality. But it wouldn't have our place in the TOP rating of an offroad tuning companies, if we couldn't find the way to make souped up Ford Shelby F-150 even more powerful and agressive.

$55000 — Ford F-150 price.

$60000 — Ford F-150 tuning price by Shelby.

$80000 — Ford Shelby F-150 tuning price by Devolro!

Ford Devolro F-150 is a brutal $200000 beast, that is worked out by the whole Devolro team. Taming such power takes 3 to 6 months in average. This Devolro really balked, so the process took the whole half of a year.

$25000 is the salon cost only: Italian leather is selected handedly by masters and provided straight from Italy by an exclusive arrangement.

Aside from multiple different upgrades, the whole body was coated by Line-X material, which protects the car from any scratches and damage, making the truck body almost invulnerable.

The pickup had successfully passed all the trials and test-drive at the moment and gets prepared to be transferred to its owner.


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Вы ищете максимум в личной и корпоративной безопасности? Ваши поиски закончены, ведь с Devolro вы приобретаете ультимативную пуленепробиваемую защиту для своих коллег и сотрудников. Мы устанавливаем лучшую на рынке гибридную систему брони, которая превосходит стандарты B6. При этом она ультралёгкая (легче 30 кг) и не влияет на мощность и скорость автомобиля.



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